How do I get a Certificate of Character?


What is a Certificate of Character?
A Certificate of Character is an official document issued by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service which states whether a person has any previous convictions recorded against him/her.

At some point in time you may be required to get this certificate, for example: when applying for a new job. 

Who may apply for a Certificate of Character?
A citizen of Trinidad and Tobago or of any foreign country who previously lived in Trinidad and Tobago may apply for a Certificate of Character.

  1. Go to the police station in your district with a valid Trinidad and Tobago identification card, driver’s permit or passport (foreigners can use his/her valid passport)
  2. Pay a fee of fifty TT dollars (TT$50.00)
  3. Your fingerprints will be recorded (be prepared for your fingers to get dirty; many police stations still dip your fingers in ink).
  4. You will be issued an official receipt

How soon will I have my Certificate of Character?
According to the TTPS website, an applicant or his/ her representative should return to their district Police Station with their official receipt five (5) working days after the application was made to collect the Certificate of Character.
It is advisable that you telephone the respective Police Station to ascertain whether the document has been processed.

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